Friday, May 09, 2008

“I’ve Been Everywhere, Man, I’ve Been Everywhere…”

48 States, 5 Days, 3 Men = the GREAT AMERICAN ROAD TRIP.

Gory Details:

I love these guys. 7,000 miles in less than 5 days! Check out their blog.

I stumbled across their story tonight while poking around Yahoo; here’re the goods:

Please let my go on record, Gentle Reader, this is something that I have always wanted to do. These days it just couldn’t be the breakneck speed that these guys, Joey, Josh, and Adam, did it in but rest assured given time and money (I hear that gas prices are up) I’d pack up the family in a heartbeat and start to rack up the miles.

So are the roadways of the lower 48 are calling you to release your inner Kerouac? You know my answer; what about you?

Oh yeah, they spent about $1,000.00 on gas during their trip.

Ouch. - The experience, however, was worth every penny.


Merci said...

A road trip sounds like fun, but a nice, relaxing stay at an all-inclusive or a trip to anywhere in Europe sounds even better to me right now.

mommanator said...

My hubby likes to drive the US, but I would rather fly! He loves nothing better than getting on his 2wheeler and go across the country! It's not bad on the back of it,the 1600cc cycle, but I dont go that far

Evil Chicken said...

Merci: If you need a Sherpa or perhaps a family of 5 to carry your bags – just let me know.

Mommanator: Roads traveled every day look completely different on the back of a motorcycle. I can see why he’d want to see the country on two wheels.

I’ve only been a passenger on a motorcycle and I never learned to operate one. That being said, I’ve had my eye on an automatic scooter for years now; those things just sip gas, get you from point A to point B giving you a unique view on the world and are never hard to park. I probably wouldn’t take it to Sturgis but I would have to track down a Viking helmet… for safety… Really!