Sunday, August 26, 2007


56,271 Vineland NJ

31,473 Bangor ME

22 million, NY City

162,683, South Philly PA

5.8 million, Philadelphia PA

79,589, Monroe County FL., the Florida Keys

3,849,378, Los Angeles CA

709,893, Austin TX

1.2 million (post Katrina) New Orleans LA

4,034 year rounders, 100,000 seasonals, Cape May NJ

271,015, Atlantic City NJ (including Ventnor, Margate and Long Port)

185,951, Orlando FL

7,173, Ocean City Maryland

582,454, Seattle Washington (3.3 million metorpolitan)

My my my… Where to relocate after hitting the lottery? Goodness… the possiblities are endless.

Ready for some confessions? I hate people but I’m passionate about individuals. Yep, yours truly is at his heart of hearts someone who wants no neighbors and is, therefore, able to flip burgers in his underwear on the ole’ Webber grill. NOTE; the underwear is still a caveat since the three chicks are still in the nest. When they are in college naked BBQ is in my future.

Life is good. But I digress.

I compiled the above list because I felt like it. You see, I’m from the swamps of New Jersey and I live in a little hamlet of only about 7,436 souls and I find it interesting that the nearby metropolis of Vineland NJ has more of a populace then Steven King’s hometown of Bangor Maine and that Philly PA, where one of the three chicks had major spinal surgery is only the fifth largest city in the good ole’ U.S. of A. South Philly (EC’s favorite section) is outnumbered by Austin TX., almost 6 to 1! Yowsa.

Interesting demographics, no?

I post this only for your consideration, Gentle Reader. I hope you enjoy the data!


mommanator said...

Hey I tried to sell you my house! you can go out back naked any time you want. can't see ya doing that where you live.

Pax Romano said...

Would that I have won that lottery, I was looking at Palm Springs CA. I don't know the population, but an average of 350 sunny days in the year makes me smile!

Of course, you and the Mrs. and the little Chicks would have been more than welcome for visits.

Merci said...

I miss the kind of privacy that allowed me to walk around the yard in my PJ's first thing in the morning. I liked Saturday mornings with a leisurely cup of coffee on the deck without having to change into my day clothes.

Evil Chicken said...

Mommanator said, “can't see ya doing that where you live.”

Well… there’ve been a couple of restraining orders filed from the neighbors and I’ve got some pretty unsightly burns but other than that it’s been great!

A Citizen of Rome mentioned Palm Springs (As of the 2000 census, the city population was 42,807). Yes – the EC-5 will most certainly visit!

Merci brought up the joys of a cup of coffee in ones PJs. Amen.

e said...

"I hate people but I’m passionate about individuals."

love that

good article