Sunday, April 16, 2006

Of Praise and Pitchforks

I am a Christian. Feel free to form your lines now; pitchforks and torches to the right, living and let living to the left. I am a Christian due to my acceptance of Jesus Christ. There was a change – I have no other way to explain it to others save to say that in a moment I knew that it was all real; salvation that is. I cannot deign it; it happened. I’m not going to debate dogmas. Dogma fighting is illegal where I’m from. Just know that yours truly, Evil Chicken, is a Christian.

Did I mention that the torches are to the right?

I rub shoulders with all kinds of people at work and at play. I’m not one to scream what someone is doing is wrong or sinful due to the simple reason that I myself am wrong and sinful. I’m good at it. Please don’t look for judgment from me; I would humbly ask the same in return. Judgment is fortunately not in my hands. Differing views are nothing new; on any given day I run into Evolutionists, alien abductees, Wicans, Druids, Creationists, Atheists, Muslims, Agnostics, Jews, Buddhists, people who say they are Christian and people who live it; their Christianity, that is. I run in several circles. These days people seem to know that I’m Christian. It is not something that I beat over people’s heads – its just part of who I am. You can either accept it or not. I’m ok either way. Hey don’t get me wrong the more people to accept Christ’s message the better. If Christ can use me, a decidedly cracked vessel, to this end all the better. My job is to arrange the meeting – to plant a seed; it’s Christ that does the rest. I mention this little caveat (the people I run into and with) to illustrate the worldly concept of “live and let live,” or as Christ said more proactively, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Powerful words.

Long story short; a Wican acquaintance of mine who knows my faith is always taking shots at Christianity and “Those Christians.” We run in some of the same circles and see each other at events and such. When it happens, I acknowledge what she says with a smile and go about whatever business I may be doing. She seeks a provocation. It is as if on some level she wants me to turn red and scream at her that “she’s going to hell!” I haven’t, however. I try to treat her with the same love and respect that I do for any other member of this mutual organization that we belong to. If I were to explode, I’d be giving her the opportunity to shout to the winds and whoever else is listening, “There! Do you see what I mean about Christians?” And then what sort of example of Christianity would I be?

I’d rather plant seeds.

Anyway, I mention the above as an undercurrent of the way things are in contemporary western twenty first century life. Things are slipping; shifting. People in the world are losing faith and one of the symptoms is what we laugh at. Christians, these days, are an easy target. In our entertainments Christians are painted with broad, intolerant stokes. To many we are a humorless lot bent on controlling everything the individual wants to do. It’s ok to make fun of the Christian, these days; we’re easy targets. We don’t riot in the streets when some blockhead draws a cartoon. My savior taught love. Our treasure is not here. We turn the other cheek, plant seeds and wait for the day when we can hear those words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

If you get a chance check out Matthew chapter 24; you’ll see that things are going to get worse before they get better. Hey, it’s just the way it is. It is how it’s going to be. Despite all the storms and the wars and the earthquakes, I still have hope.

How about you?

It’s the Easter season; the most important event in history has unfolded. The prize is there and all you have to do is ask. Just ask.

He is risen. He is risen indeed.

Happy Easter

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