Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sites for Sore Eyes

How did we get by without the internet? The following are a quick collection of places on the web that I have been known to haunt. Perhaps you will like them too. Harry Knowles is the Godfather of Geekdom B Movie guide? Nice. Who likes movie trailers? You’ll need the latest version of Quicktime but it’s worth it. This is Movie crack. Weird NJ is the finest magazine of all time. Still searching for my lost shaker of salt. “Jeremiah was a bullfrog!” Great music site; lyrics and so much more. GPS units are not just for stalkers anymore! It’s a great game that the family will love. South Jersey Geocaching – Awesome. Cache or Stash in SJ? Membership has its privileges. South Eastern Pennsylvania Geocaching – Great stuff Nice introduction to the history of the back yard that we call South Jersey. This lady knows her pirates. After seeing her site you will too. Undersea archeology – Blackbeard’s flagship the Queen Anne’s Revenge. – Quite cool indeed. Great resource for studying the Bible. Main site for Calvary Chapel National Novel Writing Month is in November. Get your outlines together and write a book in time for Christmas. Writers Guild of America – excellent resource for screenwriting. Years from now people will look back and say that he was one of the greats. Harry Potter fan? You can’t miss this. To read him is to love him. Search without being analyzed, censured or monitored.

So, there’s your assignment.


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