Sunday, June 25, 2017

Happy Birthday to Blade Runner

35-years ago today, 'BLADE RUNNER', one of my all time favorite films, was released.

My father and I were going to see it together 35 years ago but the projector in the theater went down and they gave us passes for a return trip.  More on that story can be found right here: Cinema Reborn at Landis Theater.  ...Sadly, the film did not find it's audience and was out of the theaters before we could get back to see it.  Instead we went to see, "The Road Warrior" later that summer.  1982 was an amazing year for film.

"Chew, if you could only see what I've seen with your eyes."

It wasn't until about 30 years later that I got the chance to see it on the big screen thanks to the good folks from Farpoint Toys & Level Up Entertainment and one of their totally awesome Retro Movie Nights.  I am still thankful for this wonderful opportunity.  The crowd was great too.  We were all fans sharing the joy of a tale that transcended flying cars and shining futures - Blade Runner is really about what it means to be alive - what it means to be human.

One of the enduring questions in the narrative fans of the film keep coming back to, "Is Rick Deckard a Replicant?"  I'll let you decide that for yourself.  I believe that there is enough evidence to convict him and that would mean that he is a prototype of the next generation - a Nexus 7.  We will find out for certain this October when "BLADE RUNNER 2049" comes out.  Deckard is in there and the story will take place 30 years after the events of the first film.

Rick Deckard, 30-years on  

While there will never be another "BLADE RUNNER" there are moments in cinematic history where magic is conjured and a sequel actually furthers the narrative, meets expectations, or - dare I say on the rare occasion, exceeds it.  I have high hopes that 2049 will fall into one of these categories.  If the trailers are any indication then Denis Villeneuve (director at the helm) and company appear to be on the right track.

Agent K finds an interesting hideout.

I have hope for the future and in the dystopia that is the past.  35-years... that time has passed like tears in rain.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe..."

Happy Birthday Blade Runner.

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