Saturday, November 29, 2014

On the First Glimpse of “Star Wars Episode VII – the Force Awakens”

Black Friday’s come and they go but something happened yesterday that made me feel like I was nine years old again.  The first teaser trailer for “Star Wars Episode VII – the Force Awakens” and, as weird as it may sound, I want to thank J.J. Abrams a year ahead of schedule for evoking all the right elements of a proper Star Wars experience and strumming all the right chords.  He is doing this because of an incredibly simple reason: J.J. Abrams is a fan.  He saw a movie in 1977 and it changed him and, in turn, he has the unique opportunity to now influence GENERATIONS of Star Wars fans – both young and old.  If this teaser is any indication of things to come then I believe he just may have succeeded.

So, did you see it?  If, “Yes”, then we’ll talk in a moment.  If, “No”, then click right here:

How about the new designs for the Stormtroopers (or are then New Republic forces?).

The new X-Wing fighters.  I love the new wing design.

The Light-Claymore.  One would have to be a master to wield one of these – you’d poke your eye out if it wasn’t so.

And then, right on queue with John Williams unmistakable score, the MILLENNIUM FALCON!  This is where I turned to jelly.  Did you catch the new sensor dish?  That last Death Star battle at the third moon of Endor took it’s toll.  I love the contrails.

Tie Fighters!?  Whose are those?

Star Wars is shared wonder.  And I’m looking forward to sharing that wonder come December 2015.

May the Force be with you.

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