Friday, December 27, 2013

Neil Gaiman's, "Neverwhere" on BBC 4

We're in the Twelve Days of Christmas and the gifts keep on rollin' along!  Gentle Reader it is no secret that I am a HUGE Neil Gaiman fan.  If there is one thing a HUGE Neil Gaiman fan wants to do is to turn other people into HUGE Neil Gaiman fans.  In that vein here is Neil Gaiman's, “Neverwhere”.

The BBC Radio 4, six episode dramatization is available for free for a limited time. It’s got a great cast including, James McAvoy, Natalie Dormer, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sophie Okonedo, and some guy named Christopher Lee.  Each episode is up to listen to for six days.  Number one is still available for the next two days or so and number two just went live.

Six episodes of “Neverwhere” is far better than “Six Swans a Swimmin’”, any day of the week!  If this is something that is up your alley and if you want to explore London Below, click here for the Door to open:

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