Friday, July 26, 2013

Blimps & Time

We took off today to pre-celebrate my youngest daughter’s 13th birthday.  We celebrated with presents, a trip to “5 Below” for Japanese candy, and a feast of sushi held in her honor.  We came home and the dogs were put on their leads so they could do whatever they needed to do, my wife went to her computer, my oldest to her Xbox, and my two youngest kids decided to stay outside for a walk.  I was taking some pictures when I saw something in the sky.

“Come quick!” I shouted to my two younger kids.  ‘Kids’ by the way, is going out of style in my household.  My youngest turns 13 this weekend and I live completely and utterly in a house full of women.

“What?” they asked.  They were unenthused.  Of course how could they be?  They had not seen the wonderful airship that I just saw in the sky!  A vessel out of time.  A blimp!  It was still visible but it was moving.

“You’ll see but you’ve got to hurry up!” I said.  They were not moving any faster.  I gave another look and, sure enough, the blimp was starting to disappear.  “Come on, this is cool!”

“Dad, your idea of ‘cool’…” my middle child was about to say something but I interrupted her and pointed skyward.

“See!” I said but there was nothing there.  The blimp had passed beyond the treetops.  Gone.  I was the only one who would ever know that it was there.

“What?” she asked.

“It was a blimp,” I said, “You missed it.”

“A blimp.” She said. “You got excited about a blimp?”

“Yes, I did.” I said. “I wanted to share it with you.”  I was looking at both of them.  I must have looked a bit forlorn and crestfallen.

“It’s not that we didn’t want to see it with you.” She said.  My youngest nodding her agreement.

“I don’t blame you." I said.  "I blame time.”  The girls looked at me strangely anew.  “I remember a time not all that long ago when blimps would have been cool to see fly in the air.  And now that time is gone.”  I made my way inside to my computer and after a bit of poking around I wrote this remorseful little ditty.  

I should start to schedule my mid-life crisis.  Hold on, let me check my calendar… OH.  My mistake, I thought it was set for a time in the future. 

It turns out I’m already there. 


Sarah said...

Blimps are way cool because they are airships and airships are Steampunk and the blimp was probably filled with airship pirates!

E. Chicken said...

Now that I know of the Airship Pirates I desperately want to join their ranks. Of course to talk about Airship Pirates is to break the first rule of Airship Pirates.

...I hope they don't hold it against me. It's a newbie mistake.