Wednesday, October 24, 2012


November 6th is looming and I, for one, Can’t Wait for November 7th.  I am entirely too tired of hearing from the various orientations from the political spectrum because no matter how you vote come November 7th, nothing is going to change.  Oh sure affairs of state will lumber in one direction or another but, at its core, nothing is going to change.  America is built that way.  Fortunately.  After Election Day one party does not execute the other party [insert your one-liner here].  There are places in the world where this happens and words like, “Democracy” & “Freedom” are simply words used by despots to placate the masses.  Not here, of course [insert your one-liner here].  Here in the United States of America we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, start all over again and we move forward.   

This election cycle has been complicated through our ability to use the tools that this age of Social Media has brought us. This particular election season has been a bit ugly and not necessarily between the two men running for the seat of the President of the United States.  No, I’m talking about us – the We The People, we, the Poor Huddled Masses Yearning to be Free, those of us on Facebook, Twitter, and any other form of social media.  We have been vicious.  We have screamed for blood.  We have gone to great lengths to display our pride & our fears.  We have alienated legions of people we rub shoulders with when we are not sitting at our computers via Social Media by showing not just who we are voting for but, more to the point, what lengths we will go to prove that ‘I’m right and You’re wrong”.  By doing so we forget the importance of November 7th.  The day when we become more than the screaming extremes of a two party dominated system – the day that we begin to remember that we are Americans.        
I am not going to tell you who to vote for but I am going to say, VOTE.  Not because it’s your “civic duty” but for the simple reason I believe you don’t have a right to complain about the political process if you refuse to participate in it.  So VOTE.  Don’t just sit back and do nothing ~ VOTE

I am not endorsing anyone here.  Unfortunately, we only get the chance to hear from two voices instead of the “big six” who are running.  There is Barack Obama (our incumbent President – Democratic Party), Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Jill Stein (Green Party), Virgil Good (Constitution Party), Rocky Anderson (Justice Party), and Mitt Romney (Republican).  We hear an awful lot from those with the biggest PACs (Political Action Committees) who have the authorization to spend millions upon millions of dollars to sway elections from sea to shining sea but we don’t really hear from the other people running.  Do a Google search on the other Parties and their candidates just for fun before you VOTE.  Who knows, you may find someone who fits you better with your ideas than the big boys with the deep pockets.  That’s for you to decide. 

So come November 6th, VOTE.  Do your part and hope that the Electoral College swings the same way you do.  But on November 7th, remember that we are Americans first and political parties a far distant second.

Hold Fast, it’s almost over.

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