Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dad, You Were Right

I just finished a book that my father absolutely loved. He passed it along to my mother who, I was told, during her pregnancy with yours truly, read the entire series. That book is “Tarzan – Lord of the Apes” by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I remember reading ERB’s “John Carter of Mars” series and a few others here and there such as “Beyond the Farthest Star” or “At The Earth’s Core” but I had never read Tarzan. It was one of the books my dad read that has always been on my list. I was always more a Conan fan… until recently, Robert E. Howard’s highlander barbarian was my favorite pulp icon to read about. Mine to root for.

Dad, you were right.

Tarzan kicks all kinds of but and, literarily speaking, the character is one of the most recognized even to this day. Mr. Burroughs may have invented Barsoom and all its wonders on Mars (a world I still like to visit via my e-reader) but he will eternally be remembered for giving the world John Clayton, Lord Greystoke better known as Tarzan, Lord of the Apes; after reading the first volume, justifiably so.

I wish that I could have this discussion with my Dad but that is not possible. It is merely the latest discussion that I wish I could have with him. This one, however, was one that I wanted to share with you, Gentle Reader. There is no one else who would understand; no one else who may grasp the joy of these works of fiction. Yes, I know I’m beginning to ramble but if you have read the two authors who do you prefer? Which do you like better – Robert E. Howard or Edgar Rice Burroughs? Conan or Tarzan?

After reading ERB’s first volume I’m beginning to convert. Conan is great but Tarzan runs in the family. I just wish; even after these 23 odd years, that I could let my Dad know about it too.


Merci said...

My dad was a HUGE sci-fi fan. He read any books in that genre that he could get his hands on. I wish he was still here to watch Dr. Who, Torchwood and all of the rest of the good stuff with me!

Evil Chicken said...

I apologize for sounding so maudlin.

Tarzan was a great read though.

: )

Evil Chicken said...

Thank you, BTW.