Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another County Heard From

I’ve been on an e-reader kick and I had the choice narrowed down to one of two units – the iPad or the Kobo. I showed Mother Hen the Kobo and a few hours later she presents me with this other possible e-reader option, the Aluratek Libre. It’s got a long battery life, a couple of gig for space, an easy to read 5 inch screen and a doable price (about a buck forty). It does not have wireless ordering but I don’t mind if I have to USB it into my laptop to upload books; especially when the 2 gigs will hold about a thousand books. It is a LOT cheaper than the iPad and unlike the Kobo it is available now. Now if I could only get a sleeve for it that says, “Don’t Panic!” I’d be in geek nirvana.

It may be our first e-reader.

Here’s hopin’!

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