Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Your Chance to Get Away From it ALL

Now here is a contest that could prove interesting: http://ow.ly/15GAF. All you have to do to win $10,000 is to disappear for a month’s time.

“Oh I could do that.”

Really, Gentle Reader? Disappearing is not all that easy in the second decade of the 21st century. “I think I’ll grab a cup of coffee and a magazine.” BOOM you just used your ATM card – you can be found. “Maybe I’ll rent a car and hit the open road.” BAM you just used your credit card and now you’ve made a paper trail. “Maybe I’ll just lay low at a friend’s house.” ZAP did I mention that there would be people looking for you? “Well, I’ll just drive my car north, south, east or west.” WHAM you have a license plate and an EZ Pass do you think you are not being monitored? …Oh the quest for 10 Gees in this day and age is not that easy after all.

That being said, I think I could do it. Evan Ratliff managed to make it for 25 days without being detected (http://www.wired.com/vanish/). Not for nuthin’ but I think that I could do better. I believe that if one is dedicated to living off the grid for a month’s time; that one could become 10 K richer.

“Off the grid?” Yeah, that’s what I said; you’ve got to go Gilligan’s Island – no phone, no light, no motorcar – not a single luxury. Or, you could hide in plain sight. Perhaps you would have help; perhaps you wouldn’t – HOWEVER it plays out it would make a GREAT story.

Perhaps I’m diluting myself but I could do that. What I would miss the most would be my family. BUT after Daddy won the 10 Grand we would all be going on a Disney Cruise; and that, Gentle Reader, is quality time.

So do you have the wherewithal to pull this off? Can you take a month off from your job and your responsibilities? Can you pass the background check? Could you effectively disappear?

This is your chance to find out.

NOTE: I found a cool picture of a magician on stage doing his thing but it disappeared. Hmm...


RDOwens said...

I could do this in July. I won't, but I think I could go off grid easily if I wanted to. No work. Take the family on vacation unannounced.

Interesting contest.

Evil Chicken said...

I couldn't agree more!

I think you could do it. I think I could do it. Come to think of it, maybe we (our families) should just go on that Disney Cruise together! : )

mommanator said...

ya know I sure think I could do it! and I know where & what I'd do!

Evil Chicken said...

Mommanator - I'd bet on you! The next time you are in town we'll have to discuss it over a cup of coffee. : )

LA Luna said...
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LA Luna said...

Oh how I'd love to get away from everyone for a month. I think the only way you can do it these days is out on the open ocean!

I've heard there are places on earth left where man has not been in 20-30 years, that's awesome.



Evil Chicken said...

The open ocean is not a bad idea at all. It still would require a lot of prep work though. Any transaction between you and a captain or a harbormaster would have to be paid in cash and 'the least amount of paper generated about where you may or may not be' the better.

I don't know if I could go to the open sea - now one of those 20 - 30 places... that's another story. : )