Saturday, January 09, 2010

Coming Soon to the Summer of 2010

Oh the joys of summer. Some crave time in their gardens pulling weeds, some like to spend their time mowing and manicuring their lawns, some like to lay on a beach somewhere and soak in the rays of the sun. Me? What do I love about the summer? It’s movie time, baby; it’s the summer movie season and I like to experience the movies. What can I say? I am a movie geek. It’s what I do. Here are the films that I am looking forward to this coming blockbuster season and a few that are going to be showing up this winter. Whatever the case the multiplex just may be in better place to spend some time in air-conditioned comfort than I thought it would be. I’ll list the movie, it’s release date and why YOU may be interested.

1. Daybreakers – 1/8: There has been a large number of vampire movies hit the market these past few years. From what I’ve read, “Daybreakers” gets it right. You will not see anything that resembles a sparkling vampire here. If you do you are in the wrong theater. The vampires outnumber the humans who are now housed like cattle on blood farms and the supply is running out.
2. The Book of Eli – 1/15: Denzel Washington in a post-apocalyptic tale with Gary Oldman along as the villain? That may be worth a look-see at the multiplex. Denzel has a book that can save humanity Oldman wants it. Mayhem ensues. We shall see…
3. The Wolfman – 2/12: There has always been a soft spot in my heart for this story. Lon Chaney Jr. really delivered in the role in the 1941 version and now Benicio del Toro is the bitten and cursed man. This is one of Stan Winston’s ( last films and the effects truly show how much innovation he created from winning his first Oscar for Makeup and Effects for “An American Werewolf in London”. I hope this one nails the dismount.
4. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief – 2/12: I don’t know too much about this one save that Christopher Columbus is directing. Columbus has the power to tell a good story and this looks interesting. The jury is still out if I’ll see this in the theater.
5. Cop Out – 2/26: A buddy cop movie with Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis that’s directed by Kevin Smith. This will be entertaining. I’d like to see it play out on the big screen but I don’t know if the kids can come yet. I may have to wait to rent it, which is a shame since I’d like to support the project as it comes out so that there is a sequel. The trailer made me giggle like a schoolgirl with the “Knock Knock” scene. We shall see.
6. Alice in Wonderland – 3/5: Of all the movies on this list this is one of the ones that I am looking forward to the most. Tim Burton + Johnny Depp = when can I buy a ticket? Burton creates worlds that I love to visit and Depp can bring them to life. Depp is the Mad Hatter and a 19 year-old Alice (Mia Wasikowska – aka – Ms. Very Hard to Spell) is returning to the place of her childhood adventure; Wonderland. Opening night for me, if not sooner.
7. Clash of the Titans – 3/26: Usually I am not one to be too excited about remakes and “re-imaginations”. In this case I am. Sam Worthington is on a roll with “Terminator Salvation” and “Avatar” under his belt and now he has a chance to deliver as Perseus, slayer of Gorgons, rider of winged horses and Kraken spanker. I remember seeing Ray Harryhausen’s stop motion work on the big screen in the 1981 version and loving every moment. I wonder what his reaction would be to seeing the seamless CGI of the giant scorpions attack would be. Yeah, I’m taking the kids and seeing this one on the big screen.
8. Kick Ass – 4/16: This is based on a comic series that I have never read. Still the trailers that I have seen make it look interesting. It’s about a group of kids who become self-made superheroes. Nicholas Cage is in this too. This summer expect to see a lot from Mr. Cage that is a good thing since when he is in the right role he can make it really happen. He’ll be in “Kick Ass”, “The Season of the Witch” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”; IMDB says that he is working on two other films this year alone. Busy man. I still don’t know if I’ll be seeing this on the big screen yet; we shall see…
9. A Nightmare on Elm Street – 4/30: Well, they’ve gone and done it; they’ve remade one of the movies that gave me a fright as a teen. I never got into Jason and the whole “Friday the 13th” series but Freddy Kruger? Yeah, I was there. Freddy became, in some strange and humorous twist, the guy I started to root for. Yeah, that’s pretty weird but Robert Englund made the character his own by injecting humor into the horror. Perhaps this is the reason that Mr. Robert Englund is not Freddy in this incarnation. That sentence right there should have me miles away from the theater on its own merits alone. But Jackie Earle Haley is in as the new serial killing man of our dreams and this promises to be a return to a scary trip down Elm Street. Haley hit it out of the park as Rorschach in “The Watchmen” and I am very curious to see what he will do with Frederick Kruger.
10. Iron Man 2 – 5/7: For my money “Iron Man” was one of the best comic book adaptations to ever hit the silver screen. There is a lot riding on number II but Marvel seems to be strumming all the right chords these days. Jon Favreau is back in the director’s chair and Robert Downey Jr. is back as Tony Stark. The supporting cast is superb including Samuel L. Jackson as Sgt. Nick Fury, Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, and Don Cheadle as War Machine. This is another of the films that I am really and truly looking forward to. Opening night, no doubt.
11. Robin Hood – 5/14: Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe of “Gladiator” fame are re-teaming to tell one of my favorite tales. I hope that they hit the mark with this particular archer. We shall see.
12. Prince of Persia the Sands of Time – 5/28: This one has a curse to overcome. To date there has never been a decent adaptation of a video game (“Silent Hill” was about the best) to the big screen. Who knows, perhaps this one will stand on it’s own merits with story and spectacle?
13. The A-Team – 6/11: Den Da Da Da, Den Da Da! Oh yes, you know the theme don’t pretend you don’t. This is The A-Team revamp that looks like it will be a lot of fun. Liam Neeson is Hannibal, Bradley Cooper is Face, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is B.A. Baracus and Sharlto Copley is Howlin’ Mad Murdock. They are now a group of Iraq war veterans who are framed for a crime that they did not commit. I loved the TV show and I have high hopes that I’ll do the same with the movie.
14. Toy Story 3 – 6/18: I love Pixar. They are on a list of companies that I would love to work for as one of their writers. They put magic and heart into everything that I have seen them do. With “Toy Story 3” they are returning to some of the first characters that made the company a household name. It will be in 3D too. My family and I are so there opening day I can already taste the popcorn.
15. Jonah Hex – 6/18: Cowboys and Zombies? Based off of the comic series? Sounds like fun but the release date is going to really sack the box office out of this one. They should hold it for October and Halloween instead of going up against Pixar. You already know which theater I’ll be sitting in on the 18th.
16. The Last Airbender – 7/2: For those of you who understand that this movie should have been called “Avatar – The Last Airbender”, take heart Aang and company are hitting the big screen too. M. Night Shymalan is looking to make his way out of a slump. I have a sneaky suspicion this is the movie that will do it for him. The teaser trailer is wonderful. If you have seen any of the Nickelodeon series then you know how good the storytelling and action can be. If you have not and if Mr. Shymalan has done what I think he has then you are in for a treat.
17. Predators – 7/7: This has the chance of being more than expected. The cast is interesting for a re-visitation to the world of all things Predator. I enjoyed the first Predator movie for what it was. This one brings along a pretty impressive cast including Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace and Danny Trejo. Who knows, it might be worth a look-see.

And then there’s August. For all intents and purposes the major studios have already fired their big guns. Still one never knows. Then there are the possible dark horses in the race. ...Ah the quest for decent storytelling.

See you at the multiplex!


mommanator said...

sonds like a good summer!

Zelda Parker said...

There are few things I enjoy more than good films. Guess I'll just consult you site from now on. Actually, I do NEED to find out what Javier is doing. Eat, Pray and Love? with Jules? Title sound off?

Evil Chicken said...

Mommanator - Summer is our friend.

Zelda - I love me da cinema. I swing toward the Geek side of things but I too enjoy a good film. ...with lots of buttered popcorn.