Friday, August 28, 2009

In the Mouth of Madness

This is Phillip and Nancy Garrido. 18 years ago they kidnapped an 11-year-old girl, named Jaycee Lee Dugard. Ms. Dugard made her way to a police station in California to tell the tale just this week. Phillip was a registered sex offender who was “previously convicted of kidnapping and rape.” He married his wife, Nancy, while he was in prison. The child that they abducted 18 years ago was repeatedly raped and held in a backyard camp / compound. She is now the mother of two of Phillips children.

Details of this case can be found here: (BTW, Phillip is now being looked at in the murders of some prostitutes too.)

Meanwhile, the stepfather who witnessed the abduction of Jaycee 18 years ago and his wife, Ms. Dugard’s mother, have split over all of the hell that their lives had become. Phillip and Nancy destroyed their family. In the process they shattered a child’s life to the point that Ms. Dugard is feeling sorry for turning Phillip and Nancy into the police. Yes, this is the man who raped her and became the father of her two children – the same man that made them sleep in tents in the tin roof and tent compound of a backyard that he constructed.

I heard an “expert” on such topics say on morning TV concerning their defense say, “She’s going to say that her husband made her do it and he’s going to say that the Devil made him do it.” And both of those might be the case concerning Phillip and Nancy; the fact remains that the damage is already done. A family was ruined 18 years ago and these unhumans made it happen. They did not stop there. He impregnated this abducted child twice and now the kidnap victim, Ms. Dugard, is uncertain if she had done the right thing.


I believe that our justice system is a little askew. Why on God’s Green Earth would a man who has been charged with “kidnapping and rape” be allowed to EVER see the light of day? Phillip had done this BEFORE. This was not something new to Phillip and apparently not something new to Nancy either. Why would he be allowed to go free and do it again? I have no sane answer, Gentle Reader; none, whatsoever. Hey, did Phillip’s parole officer EVER visit his compound? Would he or she have even noticed that there was a family living outside just in the backyard?

I subscribe to the idea that there is a greater good and that horror and suffering are just symptoms of this thing called life. I put my trust in a higher power even when I do not see why things progress the way they so often do and even if I cannot see why some atrocity is happening I understand that there is a reason – a greater purpose that is being served somewhere or some when. With stories such as this it is the only way I can stay sane. Anything else is madness. It is all in bigger hands than mine and I am pleased that such is the case and that judgment is not in my hands since I can be creative in device, description and execution… but in doing so I would be no better than Phillip or Nancy.

My prayers are with Ms. Dugard, her mother and her stepfather at this time. It is my sincere hope that some degree of normality can be extended to Ms. Dugard and her two children.

…Wow. And I thought I had a bad week.


RDOwens said...

Rabbi Kushner wrote When Bad Things Happen to Good People. The analogy Kushner posits is that life is like a tapestry. Human life stands far too close to the tapestry to see the beauty of the design. If we were able to step back, we would see how the squiggle contributes to the overall design.

As difficult as it to comprehend the good in such an act, if we were in God's seat, we would see the beauty of the pattern.

It may not be the perfect explanation, but frankly, there is none that we humans will be able to accept. It is the nature of the paradigm.

Kushner's book is an excellent read, fwiw.

mommanator said...

I read this story with horror and looked at my grandchildren and prayed for them and this gal who was abducted, raped and kept in such a horrible condition. Prayer is what we need at this time!
I do hope he and wife are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and are not left free the prowl on some other child!

Evil Chicken said...

RDOwens – I believe that you are spot on the money; we are finite beings attempting to grasp the infinite. I’ve never read Rabbi Kushner’s book but I am aware of the circumstances that made him right it. The Rabbi is a strong man of faith.

Mommanator – I believe that you are spot on the money too; prayer and faith is what is needed at times such as this.

Thank you both for your wisdom and insight. I promise happier stuff in the near future. …Honestly. : )