Sunday, December 07, 2008

“Joy, Joy, Joy!”

Man, I just can’t believe that it is DECEMBER. Time, most certainly, keeps on slip, slip, slippin’ into the future. The 25th will be here in no time and, come to think of it so will this year’s Choir Production. Speaking of which…

The Calvary Chapel Theatrical Choir Presents

Joy, Joy, Joy"

Tickets for the upcoming Christmas Musical Production will be available on a first come/first serve basis. Please sign-up that info counter and let us know how many tickets you will need and for what performances. You will need to have tickets this year in order to be assured of seating. Tickets are available for Tuesday, December 23 rd at 7:00 PM, Wednesday December 24th at 6:00pm or 8:30 PM. There is a special family night preview-show on Monday December 22nd, which does not require tickets and is open to anyone, but those attending should note that this is also a final dress rehearsal for the production.

No pressure but if you want to see a singing and dancing Evil Chicken or, more importantly, come out and celebrate the Gospel and Christmas with us give the church a call (856-696-9409) and ask for tickets. Don’t pay scalper’s prices! The tickets are free. From what I understand there are still some seats left for the first performance but it is filling fast.

Merry Christmas, Gentle Reader; now’s your chance to scream “Break a leg, Evil Chicken!”

And ya know what? …I just might.

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mommanator said...

wish I were gonna be up there on that date, but will prob be later MOMMA