Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Doctor Who, Children in Need Special - Time Crash

This is pure genius. Bottom line. If you are a Doctor Who geek, like yours truly, then you will really appreciate this. It was for a children’s charity in the UK and it stars two of my favorite Doctors. Enjoy.


Merci said...

Thanks for posting this!

I have become a fan of the doctor. I'm puzzled by the episode sequence. The last one I saw was the one when Martha left. Have there been any episodes since then, or are they coming up at Christmas this year?

I've been watching reruns on BBCA with Rose, though some are new to me, so they're still fun to watch.

Evil Chicken said...

I grew up watching Tom Baker (the Doctor with the long scarf) and Peter Davidson (the Doctor with the celery stalk on his coat) – they were my Doctors or rather the ones that I grew up with as I was steeping in my geekieness. The doctors before or after didn’t hold my attention UNTIL the series revival.

The Doctor is in.

Christopher Eccleston (Doctor number 9 and the guy in the leather jacket) was, for lack of a better word, Fantastic in the role. Billie Piper was amazing as Rose Tyler and it was great to see characters that one cared about develop and grow as the story unfolded. The writing is fresh the acting superior and the special effects are no longer cheesy. Simply put the new Doctor Who series is about my favorite thing on TV.

David Tennant (Doctor number 10 and the current Doctor) has really grown into the role. He had some big shoes to fill but he has pulled it off. I love watching him as the universe’s greatest Timelord.

If you haven’t done so rent the whole thing (series I, II and III) on DVD. No commercials and a whole lot of fun. The show is now in hiatus until season four but as it says at the end of the You Tube video the Doctor will return in “Voyage of the Damned”. When the time rotor starts wheezing again on the TARDIS I guarantee I’ll be parked in front of the TV.

Man, I wish we got BBCA, it’s also the only place to see the Doctor Who spin off “Torchwood”. I guess I’ll have to wait to see Captain Jack on DVD as well.

Thanks Merci!

Merci said...

I have just started my addiction to Torchwood. Very interesting episode this past weekend on BBCA, with Captain Jack going through the rift with Yoshi. They went back to 1941.

Dr. Who/Torchwood party at my house - you're welcome anytime! We're generally watching...

Evil Chicken said...

Too Cool!

So how is "Torchwood"? BTW did you catch in the season three finale what Capt. Jack's friends used to call him? Nice unexpected tie in – too wonderful.

Yes – we’ll bring the DVDs and the Jelly Babies.


Merci said...

Just say when!

Torchwood is pretty cool. I like the Dr. better, but maybe that will change. The Dr. is just quirky enough to keep me interested. Torchwood is more serious.

Missed the name from the past. I'll have to look it up!