Tuesday, October 16, 2007

4400 Vs. Heroes

My my my… this is a geeks battle. Pure and simple; here’s a word of warning Gentle Reader… if you just don’t care about “Heroes” or the “4400”, skip this particular blog. Trust me – it’s gonna get ugly.

Nuff said? Good.

Here we go. 4400 is better than Heroes. That’s right – I said it; 4400 is better than Heroes. This is not to say that I don’t watch Heroes religiously every Monday night – oh contraire, I love both of the shows but as a card carrying GEEK I’ve got to give the favor to 4400.

Why? The writing. Bottom line. There is a visceral care for humanity with the 4400 (and story) while I’ve been able to guess the last four major plotlines for Heroes (which have been all right) – look, I’m an idiot; but a discriminating one. 4400 is more “real” and Nissan does not sponsor it. Look, I’m a geek from WAY back. I know that Jeff Lobe (DC Comic book god) is the executive producer of “Heroes” and that he’s done a fine job, thank you very much, but “Heroes” is wrote. If you have picked up a book or a graphic novel over the last 5 to 10 years the stuff writes itself.

No… really. It does.

4400 is different. It puts people in extraordinary circumstances within the sights of what would really happen to them. They don’t hide and if they do they are renegades ostracized by both the normal community and their “own kind”. 4400 is an injection of, dare I say, reality into the world of fancy that is portrayed on national television.

That, Gentle Reader, is good TV and, BTW, I HATE TV as a general rule of thumb.

But I digress. “Heroes” represents a world where gods walk amongst us unseen. “4400” is a similar scenario (and was first BTW) but most of them do not care if they are seen or not and besides internal intrigue there is the ever-present threat of just what the government is going to do. That is just how it would be if people could walk through walls, read minds or fly. What would the threat be? That is 4400. Heroes? Not so much.

Both are worth your time but 4400 is worth the rental.



mommanator said...

hey Bubba, is Heros on DVD? I never started watching it but wanted to. As one geek to another I love 4400! they are so real on that one, like actual people falling into the other worldliness. what I have seen of hero's they just were? correct me if wrong. like I said I haven't really watched.
O by the way miis ya!

Evil Chicken said...

Yup! “Heroes” is on DVD. That’s how I saw the first season too. Man, what a great way to watch television – no commercials and the next episode is a click of the remote away. “Heroes” is really good TV and it still has a treasured spot on my Tivo but so does 4400.

Mommanator, I miss you too. God bless and I’ll talk to ya soon.