Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Band That Time Forgot…

Ladies and gentlemen, Gentle Reader’s included… I would like to mention a band from New Jersey, thank you very much, known as The Smithereens.

“Who?” you may ask.


What a great band!

They were shanghaied by grunge in the nineties but the classic beauty of their sound is still in existence. Please see: for more info.

I have always seen this band as stuck in time. They are relevant (to yours truly) and beatnik at the same time. Electric Kerouac, baby – no doubt. The true joy of the Smithereens is having the eyes to see that. Wonderful guitar riffs, the timelessness, the wonderful lyrics – and they’re from Jersey!

Please… Check out “Top of the Pops” or “Blue Period.” Amazing music – at least for this out of time Beatnik.

Oh well, out of time and out of place… Check their site for tour dates. From what I’ve seen they are worth investigating.

… Walk on…

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Pax Romano said...

Loved 'em!

"Only a Memory" holds a very special place as the soundtrack to my somewhat checkered past.