Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Live Earth Concert

I remember watching the first “Live Aid” famine relief concert for Ethiopia on MTV way back in nineteen hundred and eighty five. The main broadcast was split between two main venues; Wembley Stadium in London and the late, JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. As Wikipedia tells me, “it was the largest-scale satellite link-ups and television broadcasts of all time: an estimated 1.5 billion viewers, across 100 countries, watched the live broadcast. As previously stated, I was one of them.

I couldn’t get tickets to be there personally – what can I say, lack of funds.

Fast forward to 2007, NOW (just as I’m typing this) the “Live Earth – Concerts for a Climate in Crisis” is in progress. The Dave Mathews Band just went on stage at Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey (although the world only knows it as “New York”). This is big. It promises to beat out “Live Aid” as the new 900-pound gorilla of mega concerts. Live Earth is being broadcast via live video streaming on MSN ( from Australia, Japan, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Washington DC, South Africa, “New York” and Brazil. The amazing thing about the MSN coverage is that you can switch to whatever live feed you desire with the click of a button. I saw Linkin Park in Japan, UB40 in South Africa and now, The Dave Mathews Band in “New York”. Check it out if you can – pretty neat. The Police are going on sometime tonight in “New York” – it should be great.

I couldn’t get tickets to be there personally – what can I say, lack of funds.

But Evil Chicken… what about the cause – how do you feel about that? Ah, gentle reader, once again you know just the right question to ask. Since that is the case I recommend that you check this out:

Enjoy the show and switch off the light on your way out of the room.


mommanator said...

o where o where are you you little chicken plucker?

Evil Chicken said...

I'm here... but I'm not all there.