Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bring It On

Finally! Someone gets it – a working electric car and now, more than ever, for the right reasons. Surprise surprise, it’s not a big American carmaker… yet.

Check it.


“Oh it will never catch on… It’s too expensive… Where do you go for repairs… It won’t work… Are you a tree hugger or something?” Do shut up. I’m not even saying please. I’m entirely too sick of people accepting the status quo just because it’s the status quo. Yes, it will catch on. Yeah it’s pricey – so were the first color televisions that are now about to become obsolete do to HDTV. Repair shops will respond to customer demand. Hell yeah it’ll work. Making the accusation of being a ‘treehugger’ may just be one of the least patriotic things someone could say concerning the issue of foreign oil vs. alternative energy. Prior to this electric cars were limited to about trips of 60 or so miles. The Tesla travels 250 miles on one charge. Oh, did I mention that it goes 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds?

“Did you say all the right reasons? Yeah that’s right. Putting the obvious environmental advantages aside the real beauty of this vehicle is to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. We’ve heard it all on the news but the fact is that other large countries (India & China) are clamoring for oil – the same oil that we are depending on for industrial residential, commercial and transportation needs. Transportation is a biggie folks. 63% of the oil we use here goes to transportation. Right here in the good ole’ U S of A we are over a barrel (sorry). It really doesn’t matter who has the reigns the Republicans (although having an oil man in the oval office doesn’t bode well for significant change any time too soon) or the Democrats; both parties like the status quo. Fortunately, there is still a thing called competition. Competition is one of the engines of progress. If there is a need to be filled that the big boys don’t see because they are too busy getting fat and rich it is still possible for the world to change with an idea or concept that the big guys choose to overlook. This is such a project.

Gentle reader we cannot leave this in the hands of big oil or the government. You want jobs? Let’s rebuild our infrastructure and base it on replenishable power sources. Can you imagine a world where we were not so utterly and completely dependent on the whims of madmen or oil barons? Wouldn’t that be a great world to hand over to our children?

All Hail Tesla! Give ‘em HELL boys.

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