Thursday, June 01, 2006

Things to Do Before I Die

Many people have such a list – I’m no different. Oh some of my aspirations and dreams may be different than other people, but I’m not out of the ordinary. The following list is a work in progress and is dependent on many variables including time (off from work & with or without the rest of my family) and money (the root of all evil). Time and money are two things that I don’t have an abundance of. Oh well, as Mother Goose said, “if wishes were horses than beggars would ride.” Items such as being a better example of a Christian, being a better friend, father and husband are givens and not on this list. The following is my self indulgent and gluttonous wish list in no particular order…

1. Kayaking with whales. Yeah its nuts, but it’s also cool. Just knowing that a 10-ton animal is beneath you sounds pretty exhilarating to me.

2. Hiking the A.T. Just recently I hiked the NJ portion (Highpoint) of the Appellation Trail with two friends of mine. It was awesome. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do ever since reading, “A Walk in the Woods,” by Bill Bryson; who introduced me to the concept of “Through Hiking.” Although we only day hiked, my appetite has been whetted. I started a smooth rock collection on 5/20/06, the date I wrote on my first rock from the NJ portion of the A.T. Hey, I’ve only got 13 more to go!

3. Snorkeling across coral reefs and with stingrays. I love water – I grew up around the stuff. Most of the family would love this too.

4. Expedition to the Grand Canyon. One could spend a lifetime exploring this land; I wouldn’t mind donating a year or so to it.

5. Sea Kayaking. Maine, the Dry Tortugas, Lake Meade, the Thousand Islands, New Brunswick, the list goes on and on. Did I mention I love water?

6. SCUBA! Port Royal, NJ wrecks, the Florida Keys, the Jesus of the Deep and the Queen Anne’s Revenge to name a few.

7. I’d like to take the family through the lower 48 states, push up through British Columbia and onward to Alaska! Write about the whole experience.

8. Alaska. All one has to do is say the name and it conjures up images of the raw wonder of nature. If adventure had a state – it would be Alaska. Why not experience it with the wife and kids?

9. White water rafting. I’ve shot class III’s and IV’s, now I want to turn up the volume.

10. Rappelling. It looks like a lot of fun and is quicker than the elevator.

11. Spending a lot of time in Maine. Arcadia National Park – I’ve been there twice and there is still so much to explore; like the rest of the state. Awesome natural wonder.

12. Get published. I just might have to take matters into my own hands for this one. “Bonny, Read & Rackham,” has a nice ring; no?

13. Learn how to sail and navigate with the stars. I scrapped, polished and painted an 18-foot sailboat prepping her for open water during a six-month period of time. I never got a chance to sail her. I’d like to know what it’s like. I’ve been on day excursions on schooners but there is a difference between being a passenger and a participant. I want to participate.

14. Have a hand in making a film.

15. Fish like Ernest Hemmingway did down at the Florida Keys while tanked on a couple bottles of whiskey. Just kidding – I want to land a big fish off the keys. I think the girls would dig this too.

As I said, this is a self-indulgent, gluttonous wish list. Between you and me, I’ve got a heck of an appetite. The list is subject to change so please don’t confuse this list with goals.

What does yours look like?

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