Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Chicken Code

I’ve been told that I need to have a more open mind. I was told this by a lady I work with; we were talking about the DaVinci Code and the new movie that’s about to come out. She asked, “what if Jesus’ bloodline existed today?” I said that the argument was "heretical" thinking and that the DaVinci Code is a work of fiction. As I mentioned in the opening of this, I was told that I needed to have an open mind.

To some extent she may have a point. I can be myopic and self-indulgent. Of course, on the other hand, I can see that there are going to be lot of people who will look at the DaVinci Code and immediately jump to the conclusion that it is gospel truth. It’s not; it’s classified as a work of fiction – a fiction based on fact; but fiction nonetheless. Its simple human nature to ask questions and look for the sensation of conspiracy; it’s too rich not to take a passing glance. Dan Brown, the author of “The DaVicnci Code”, in the first opening pages of the book suggests the case for “FACT:” The fiction is what follows. You know what – that’s exactly what any writer is going to do; bring the reader into the web that he is weaving. Bottom line. The more controversy the better! It sells more books, CDs, and whatever other cottage industry for marketing that can be thought up. It’s good for business. Is Opus Dei real? You betcha. How about the Knights Templar? Yup. The Priory of Sion? All real. Gentle reader, there is even a museum in France called the Louvre. Imagine that. Dan Brown is more than pleased that there is such “controversy” surrounding the films release; Pff, who wouldn’t be? He’s giggling all the way to whichever private island he decides to buy. I don’t begrudge him for that at all.

What gets me going is that there are a lot of people who are going to be convinced in some sort of five thousand year old conspiracy. Do you realize how boring it is going to be listening to this ever-evolving latest conspiracy theory? Please! I’m still getting over the Kennedy’s, 911 and Challenger. I’m not even going to mention the word “Roswell”. Don’t get me started on all the time that I had to listen to people drown on about all of this BULL PUCKY.


Read the book. See the movie. Please keep watching Oprah; I’m sure that there will be a new controversy or conspiracy after the opening weekend for this flick. Here in the land of the free and the home of the brave we enjoy sensation. We use it up until it has nothing left to give. This is why we no longer hear from the UFO nuts; it became blasé. Nobody cares. The shot clock is running on this “controversy” too.

Take it for what it is.

Signed a close-minded Evil Chicken.

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