Wednesday, January 19, 2005

So This is Blogger

Ok. I’ve been perusing other peoples Blogs and I’ve been impressed by both the writing (of course) and the amount of information on their pages. I like the polls, links, random thoughts and counters I see on other peoples Blogs. I like them so much that I realize that I’ve got to figure out how to replicate some of them here.

Chances are I’m missing something. I’ve no doubt that it’s something goofy that I’m messing up or not including – but I’ve got to tell ya, gentle reader (if you exist), I ain’t that impressed with the ole Blog thus far. Oh I can put up as much content as I like, that’s not the issue; it’s the wrapping that it all comes it that I desperately need to improve on. As previously stated I’ve seen other people’s Blogs and have liked what I’ve seen. I want to feel the same about my own – right now I don’t.

Until I find the magical FAQ file that explains how to unlock all of the goodies I’m doomed to keep posting on this blah Blog. Perhaps the Blogger fairies will come to my laptop during the night and change the appearance of everything. One never knows. Until that happens I’ll have to draw contentment from editing and finishing my NaNoWriMo novel (yeah it’s over 50K) and polishing up a couple of short stories for potential publication.

Perhaps gentle reader (if you are there) someday I’ll figure out how to make this a better place. A place where we (in the plural - if you're there) and I (singular) will be happy.

We’ll see.

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